bodilogik-body_contour_wrapbodywrap-logoLosing 6 inches in just 2 hours may sound difficult – even impossible – to believe, but it’s true! With our detoxifying Universal Body Contour Wrap, we guarantee that you will lose at least 6 inches with your first wrap treatment. In fact, some customer testimonials claim an average loss of more than 11” after the first treatment!

Furthermore, we are so confident that our treatments not only work – but also last – that we guarantee that if you do not maintain at least the 6″ loss for a period of 30 days, we will give you a complimentary treatment. (Note: Terms and restrictions apply.)

That’s the reason why body wraps are all the rage at spas these days. You may have seen billboards or TV commercials touting the miraculous slimming benefits of body wraps. Women visit the spa in the morning and an hour later, they’re leaving suddenly three dress sizes smaller and entirely free of stubborn, unsightly cellulite!

A unique blend of mineral-rich clay and professional body wrapping techniques help cleanse your body and draw out toxins, while actively compressing the soft fatty tissues to create instant inch loss and a body sculpting effect.


Once the warm clay-soaked bandages are applied by our body wrap professional, you can just lie back and relax for an hour while the body wrap does all the work. When the body wrap is taken off, your therapist will amaze you with your before and after measurements.

Some other benefits of our Universal Body Contour Wraps include:

1. Relaxation: You’re spending valuable time alone, listening to soothing music in an aromatic, softly lit room.

2. Skin Detoxification: Certain materials, when used in a body wrap, will extract toxins out of your body, resulting in skin purification and improvement of acne.

3. Moisturizing: Body wraps provide moisture, so wrapping them against your body and adding heat only intensifies those effects.

4. Exfoliation: The exfoliating agent will remove dead cells on the surface of your skin, which will set the stage for the moisturizing to begin.

5. Quick Cellulite and Weight Fix: Body wraps are perfect for patients who are getting ready for a special occasion.

If you’re interested in losing a guaranteed 6” in just two hours, call our office today and schedule an appointment for your Universal Body Contour Wrap.

Don’t you deserve it?