bodilogik-mona_lisa_touch2Dr. Mallard-Warren now offers the revolutionary new MonaLisa TouchTM, which is the first intra-vaginal laser treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The MonaLisa TouchTM was created to treat vaginal atrophy, a condition often triggered by menopause, in which the walls of the vagina become thin and dry out, making intercourse painful and often interfering with urinary function.

The North American Menopause Society approximates that anywhere between 20 to 45 percent of middle-aged and elderly women experience symptoms linked to vaginal atrophy. But despite the overwhelming number of women who suffer from these symptoms, a very limited number of them seek help or are offered help by their providers.

The MonaLisa TouchTM procedure reduces vaginal atrophy using a small laser that accelerates collagen production inside the vagina, while restoring the vaginal mucous membrane and rehydrating the vaginal walls. As with standard laser procedures, this form of intra-vaginal laser treatment does not require anesthesia and reported side effects are minimal.

For women who suffer from vaginal atrophy, the introduction of the MonaLisa TouchTM will mark the first time they have access to safe medical technology that can ease their symptoms. Past treatment methods for vaginal atrophy have typically consisted of hormone therapies that counter symptoms by increasing estrogen levels. But women with breast cancer, a history of stroke, or certain forms of heart disease often cannot endure any form of estrogen therapy.

Because this intra-vaginal laser treatment directly targets the symptoms of vaginal atrophy instead of simply altering hormone levels, the MonaLisa TouchTM will be a practical treatment option for women going forward.

If you are interested in determining if the MonaLisa TouchTM can help you, call our office today to schedule a confidential consultation.