pc-urgentIf you’re suffering from an overactive bladder, you know that it can control your life – and not in a good way. Sure, OAB can be successfully treated with drugs and surgery, but what if there was an easy way that was just as effective?

There is! BodiLogik now offers a new procedure for the treatment of overactive bladder and associated symptoms of urinary urgency/frequency, and urge incontinence. This procedure uses the Urgent PC Neuromodulation System to deliver nerve stimulation through a small, slim needle that is inserted in the ankle. The impulses travel through the tibial nerve in the ankle to the nerves that control bladder function.

You will receive an initial series of 12 treatments performed about a week apart. After the initial treatments, we will work with you to determine if additional treatments are required to maintain your results. The time between follow-up treatments typically ranges from every few weeks to every few months.

During the Urgent PC procedure, patients can relax and read or do something similar. Patients often explain the sensation as pulsating or tingling, and the treatment is typically well tolerated by patients. Urgent PC offers many different intensities of stimulation, so we can adjust treatment to address any discomfort that you might experience.

When the treatment has finished, the electrode will be removed and you can resume normal activity immediately.

Studies have indicated that 60%-80% of patients improve with Urgent PC treatment, with most of the patients enjoying a reduction in the frequency and urgency of their bathroom visits.

Because Urgent PC gently modifies the signals to achieve bladder control, it typically takes about 5-7 weeks of treatment to begin seeing significant results.
However, patients respond at different rates. In a study of 100 patients who experienced success with Urgent PC, symptoms improved in a range of between 2-12 weeks.

If you would like to know if Urgent PC is right for you, call our office today to schedule a confidential consultation.